Phil Engstrom Medical Expense Fund 

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Phil 68yrs young had a massive stroke in April, and by the Grace of God survived.  His bride Diane of 2 yrs has been by his side everyday since, keeping him fighting.  He has cheated death twice in the beginning months, but has shown just how strong he is.  He is a living Miracle.  He has started to talk, and move his body with therapy.  Every Dr. involved never expected him to get to where he is today. They are all in disbelief.  We give All Praise to God for answering our prayers, and giving his wife the strength to keep him going.  Phil's insurance stopped September. The Dr's told his wife it would be a minimum of 3 to 4 months before she would be able to care for him at home. After that being said, he developed an infection that got to his bone.  A Big Setback. He will now be confined back to his bed for 6 to 8 weeks with an antibiotic IV.  If that doesnt work, he may have to go in for surgery.  It's month 7 and they have already had to sell a car. The rehab needs a minimum of $1,000 a month for him to stay and recieve the therapy he so desperately needs , but the bed alone is over $7,000 a month, plus therapy, meds, ect... It really is sad. As you could amagine the Astronomical Cost that this burdon has been put on them.  We ask for your help to keep his care going to get him home where he belongs with his wife, and continue living his life. Phil is a very active man. He teaches hand dancing, partnered with his wife Diane at House of Welsh. They taught or danced many places which include The Clarion, BJ's on the Water, Jordan's Rooftop, The Blue Ox, The Elk's. They are members of the DC Hand Dancing. He loves to golf, and is a member of the Elks and golfs with them. Also bowls, sponsered by Secrets of O.C, and shoots pool. He has so much more of life to live. So whatever you are so generously able to donate would be much appriciated.

Thank You and God Bless